Digital Data and Downloads

OneGeology 4-star accreditation

Digital QMAP data are available in a range of raster image and vector GIS formats as well as web map service and through a webmap application. The following links contain information of periodic updates to the digital data and supporting resources to view these data:

 Free downloads 
The zipped files available for download below contain a medium resolution JPEG format image of the geological map, a world file for georeferencing purposes in GIS software and a Readme file that outlines conditions of use.

Use of the geological map image is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Licence. You are free to share and adapt the image for any purpose provided you give appropriate credit, a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.  For more details visit  Where the data are used in a figure GNS Science requests attribution in the following manner: (C) GNS Science 2016. Where reference to the map is to be included in a Reference List please cite the reference contained in the enclosed Readme file.

Download the files below (right click, save target), unzip them, then open with your browser, image viewing software or GIS software.By downloading the files below you are agreeing with the terms above.

Christchurch QMAP sample

Aoraki(10.4 mb)
Auckland(5.8 mb)
Christchurch(7.6 mb)
Dunedin(2.4 mb)
Fiordland (2.9 mb)
Greymouth(7.6 mb)
Haast(6.5 mb)
HawkesBay (9.8 mb)
Kaikoura (9.2 mb)
Kaitaia(2.6 mb)
Murihiku (6.8 mb)
Nelson(4.6 mb)
Raukumara(4.6 mb)
Rotorua (11.2 mb)
Taranaki (11.8 mb)
Waikato(6.1 mb)
Wairarapa(6.5 mb)
Waitaki(5.8 mb)
Wakatipu(5.5 mb)
Wellington(4.4 mb)
Whangarei (1.6mb)