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Science update - 18/12/2017 New book showcases latest mapping of New Zealand’s geology

A new book has just been published that updates the geology of New Zealand and our offshore islands mapped at a scale of one to one million. It updates and replaces earlier publications at the same scale. 

NZ geological map

Packed with beautiful illustrations, the 170-page book presents a simplified summary of geological map information acquired since the mid-nineties.

It updates this information where more recent data has become available and for the first time includes the geology of the Kermadec and Subantarctic islands in a Zealandia-wide compilation. 

Author and geologist Steve Edbrooke, recently retired from a long career with GNS Science and the New Zealand Geological Survey before that, has used a newly accepted framework that links all of Zealandia’s rock units and provides an integrated view of our region’s geology.

The book’s introductory section has a summary of earlier national geological maps, reproduced as a series of figures, and through these the reader can get a sense of how knowledge of New Zealand geology has built over the last 152 years.

The book provides accessible information on New Zealand’s geology for the interested layperson and career earth scientist needing a general overview.

Research leader Mark Rattenbury says the book caps more than two decades of intense geological mapping of New Zealand as part of the QMAP 1:250,000 series.

The geological maps published through the QMAP series provided rich detail and understanding that have helped underpin the more generalised 1:1,000,000 maps of the North and South Islands and this new book.

The book pays tribute to the late Dr Mike Isaac, a geologist who was highly influential in the QMAP series and contributed in many significant ways to the new million-scale geological maps and this book.

The book is available from GNS Science’s web shop at https://shop.gns.cri.nz/gnsgm2d/ for $50. This price includes the 1:1,000,000 geological maps of the North and South Islands, which are neatly folded in a sleeve inside the back cover.