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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

GNS posts $1.4 million after-tax profit - 10/10/2000

The Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS) has posted an after-tax profit of $1.4 million for the year to June 30, a 28 percent improvement on last year’s result of $1.1 million.

NASA flying radar to image volcanoes and active faults - 09/08/2000

White Island and active geological faults in central North Island will come under scrutiny from highly accurate remote sensing instruments on board a NASA aircraft which is scheduled to visit New Zealand later this week.

Publication highlights oil-bearing formations - 11/07/2000

A new publication on the geology and oil and gas prospectivity the Great South Basin – a large offshore area southeast of New Zealand – is expected to raise the level of interest in this area by exploration companies.

Minerals sector a sleeping giant, science leader says - 05/07/2000

A more vibrant mining industry in New Zealand would create thousands of new jobs in regions of high unemployment and inject an extra $1 billion into the economy, said Andrew West, Chief Executive of the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS).

NZ scientists watch fiery birth of new Pacific island - 25/05/2000

Two New Zealand scientists were part of an international team who this week witnessed the dramatic birth of a new volcanic island near the Solomon Islands. The rare observation was made during an investigation of seafloor volcanic activity and associated mineral formation in the Bismark and Solomon seas north of Australia.

Straight-A student wins earth science scholarship - 19/04/2000

A straight-A geology student with a special interest in the oil and gas potential of the North Island’s East Coast has won a prestigious earth science scholarship.

Geologists discover another active fault in Wellington - 17/03/2000

Geologists have discovered an active fault north of Wellington which they say gives an improved insight into the earthquake hazards facing the region.

Antartica shakes too - 13/03/2000

Earthquakes are more frequent in Antarctica than previously thought, recent work by the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS) has shown.

New technique opens window on volcanic area - 28/02/2000

New Zealand and Japanese scientists are using revolutionary electromagnetic technology to gain a better understanding of what drives the volcanoes and geothermal systems in the central North Island.

NZ chosen for major US-funded earth science project - 22/02/2000

New Zealand is one of two countries to be selected for a long-term American-funded earth science study that will see American and New Zealand scientists working together.