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In conjunction with the conference, there will be a tutorial on Bayesian network modelling and different seminars.  These include

Tutorial on Bayesian Network Modelling

Prior to the conference, an Introduction to Bayesian Network Modelling training tutorial course will be held at Rutherford House, Victoria University of Wellington on 11-12 November. The training course will introduce participants to the basic theory behind Bayesian networks, common software packages used in Bayesian Network modelling, methods to develop Bayesian Network models and to incorporate a range of data, linking Bayesian Networks to GIS and introduction to expert elicitation. You will be able to register for the training tutorials and the conference separately or together. Note that that an additional fee is charged to attend the training tutorials.

Research Student Seminar

On Tuesday, 12 November, Victoria Business School (VBS), will run a research students’ seminar in order to share the valuable expertise represented by specialised academics and industry experts with young researchers.  

Prospective student participants are asked to submit an extended abstract (up to 1000 words, including references) outlining their research topic, its positioning within one of the scientific themes for the conference (link to scientific programme page) and the proposed approach taken to explore it. Abstracts are due by 31 August. Successful students selected to participate will be notified by September 14. These students will then be asked to submit a full paper by November 1, and register as student participants in the conference (there is no additional charge for the workshop). In accordance with the topics of the selected candidates, experts will be selected to discuss the ideas brought forward by the students. The focus will be more on the discussion of ideas presented by the participants, and less on the mere presentation of the papers.

Please email your extended abstract to Dr Bronwyn Horwell (bronwyn.howell at vuw.ac.nz) with a cc to the conference email (risk-conf-2019 at gns.cri.nz).

Workshop on Theory of Constraints for Risk Analysis and Decision Making

This workshop will be held on Friday 15 November. Details to follow soon. 

Workshops by SRA-ANZ

These workshops will also be held on Friday 15 November. Details to follow soon.