Dear colleagues and friends,

We have the great pleasure to invite you to attend the 10th International Workshop on Statistical Seismology (StatSei10) in Wellington, New Zealand, in February 2017. 

The International Statistical Seismology (StatSei) workshop is a well-established biennial meeting focusing on recent developments in statistical seismology. The meetings cover a series of topics, including statistical descriptions of earthquake occurrences, earthquake physics, earthquake forecasting and forecast evaluations, earthquake triggering, and many more. Starting in 1998, the meeting was held in China (1998 and 2013), New Zealand (2001), Mexico (2003), Japan (2006), Italy (2007), the United States of America (2009), Greece (2011) and Germany (2015).

The meeting will bring together scientists from all over the world to discuss a range of research topics, as listed in the Scientific programme.  Internationally leading colleagues have agreed to participate in the Programme committee.   CORSSA (the Community Online Resource for Statistical Seismicity Analysis) has organised two keynote lectures before the workshop starts.

The main meeting will be held at our National museum, Te Papa Tongarewa. We are planning a one-day field trip to showcase some of the natural beauty New Zealand has to offer, and, of course, also look at some faults around the Wellington area.

Our meeting is financially supported by GNS Science and by the New Zealand Earthquake Commission (EQC).  This support allows us to keep the registration at NZ$500. The registration fee covers meeting attendance at Te Papa, the ice-breaker, morning and afternoon teas, lunches, the conference dinner and the field trip.  On application, we are also able to provide modest support to colleagues, who otherwise would not be able to attend the meeting.

Please note the Key Dates

The Local Organising Committee is looking forward to welcoming you to an intellectually stimulating and socially memorable event.

Annemarie Christophersen, David Rhoades, David Harte, Matt Gerstenberger and Kat Hammond at GNS Science 

Ting Wang at the University of Otago

You can contact the organising committee by email: statsei10 at gns.cri.nz

P.S. An explanation of our logo

The GNS Science Graphic Team has developed the logo for our meeting.  

The central shape of the logo presents a stylised version of the letter ‘S’, first letter of ‘Statistical’ and ‘Seismology’. The spiral shape used to cut out the negative space of the ‘S’ is called 'koru'.  Koru is the Māori word for loop.  The shape is based on an unfurling fern and symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace.  The koru is extensively used in Māori artwork and thus establishes a direct connection to New Zealand.  

The ‘X’ in the background is the roman numeral for the number ‘10’ and denotes the 10th continuance of our meeting.

The colours red and grey connect to GNS Science as host and key organiser of the workshop.