Final Words

The 10th International Workshop on Statistical Seismology (StatSei10) was held in Wellington, New Zealand, in February 2017.  Download a high-res version of the image below here in a new window. (6mb)

group photo

Photo by Margaret Low, GNS Science

The local organising committee thanks all participants for contributing to lively discussions and an overall successful event.  In particular, we would like to acknowledge:

Katy Kelly at the registration

Photo by Margaret Low, GNS Science

  • Katy Kelly for preparing our conference booklet and her wonderful logistical support 
  • Jiancang Zhuang for organising the CORSSA lectures
  • Andy Michael and Sebastian Hainzl for delivering the CORSSA lectures
  • Martha Savage at Victoria University of Wellington for providing the room for the CORSSA lecture and Katie Jacobs for making sure we all found our way up the hill
  • Our sponsors GNS Science and EQC, and in particular Ian Simpson (CEO, GNS Science) and Richard Smith (Research Manager, EQC) for their warm words of welcome
  • Dave Jackson for framing our meeting with his talk on “Mind the gap” and leading the closing discussion
  • Yosihiko Ogata for being the most loyal Statsei attendee having attended every single meeting
  • Warner Marzocchi for delivering an outstanding public lecture on “Earthquake Forecasting: Science and practice”
  • Our international panel of experts in earthquake forecasting: Yongxian Zhang, Naoshi Hirata, Tom Jordan and Matt Gerstenberger, who joined Warner in taking questions from the Wellington public
  • Jiancang Zhuang and Ting Wang for organising the panel discussion on software, data and education as well as our panellists, Natalie Balfour, Bill Ellsworth, Ned Field, David Harte, Martha Savage and Sandy Steacy
  • Dave Jackson

    Photo by Margaret Low, GNS Science

    Russ van Dissen for taking us to the Te Marua site to measure off-set on the Wellington fault. More details on the site can be found here
  • Russ and Mark Stirling for the commentary on the bus tour
  • The Wellington weather for pausing the horizontal rain for a week so that we could make use of the indoor-outdoor flow of all our lovely venues
  • Naoshi Hirata for leading the organisation of Statsei11.

 We are looking forward to seeing you in Japan in 2019!

Local organising committee

The local organising committee: Matt, Katy, Ting, Annemarie, David R and David H