Field trip

Russ Van Dissen

This is Russ. He will teach you to be a geologist.

Wellington Region Field Trip, Thursday, February 23rd

We will host a full day field trip on Thursday. Russ Van Dissen (GNS Science) will lead us around the Wellington region and will: introduce us to the region's earthquake geology; provide us with some insight into the effects of November's Mw 7.8 earthquake on the built environment around the city; and, finally, teach us a thing or two about earthquake geology and how we can use surface expressions of faulting to untangle past ruptures on a fault. Please bring your geology skills, you will be tested!

Also, this exercise will involve some walking and some time spent sharing a paddock with classic New Zealand fauna (e.g., cows and sheep). Please bring appropriate footwear for a potentially muddy environment and also wet weather items, just in case it should decide to rain.

Lunch will be provided.