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Cafe Scientifique

Cafe Scientifique is a place where, for the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology. Cafe Scientifique is currently held at Wholly Bagels, 34 Knights Road, Lower Hutt, on the last Thursday of each month starting at 6pm.

Time For A New Kilogram (Ampere, Kelvin, Mole)

The time is right for fundamental changes to be made to the kilogram, and other base measurement units. As a result measurements will have a sounder basis for the future and the world will no longer need to rely on the last remaining physical artefact, the metal cylinder locked in a Paris vault.

Congratulations! It's Fragile X!

Fragile X Syndrome is the leading known inherited cause of autism. It is an inherited genetic disorder that affects around one in 4000 people.

Frozen secrets revealed

What does it take to melt an Antarctic ice sheet? What are the consequences for New Zealand if Antarctica melts?

Love Online - Can you really find true love on the Internet? 28/06/2016

What do we find attractive?  How do people actually portray themselves online?  Can you have a virtual affair?  Does online dating really work, and how can you maximize your chances of finding love online?

Something Fishy with Andrew Stewart - 30/06/2016

There be dragons – the great unknown that surrounds us. New Zealand is ruled by the sea, yet its ocean inhabitants are largely unknown; especially in waters deeper than 1,200 m. It is a highly dynamic environment, bisected by tectonic plates, with thousands of seamounts, trenches and ridges.

Triple Treat – a trio of tertiary trained travellers -26/05/2016

Join three graduates studying at Victoria University to hear about their cutting edge fieldwork and research methods in Antarctica, South America, Papua New Guinea and the world’s poorest countries.

The Psychology of Shopping - 28/04/2016

The Psychology of Shopping: How Do Marketers Persuade Us?

Conservation and Ecology: integrating humans into the science story - 31/03/2016

Ecological sciences have been slow to understand and investigate people, their communities and societies when undertaking research. They tend to focus on the wildlife. As such many programs have failed to have the required impact.

Is Acupuncture Therapeutic Or Is It Just A Good Placebo? 25/02/2016

Despite is popularity, opinions on acupuncture are divided. Many scientists look sceptically at acupuncture, yet it is used to treat chronic pain and depression with often good success. Does it work or is it mind over matter? Could it have a very good placebo effect for the conditions it is used for?

Matariki and Te Maramataka - How Māori Used the Celestial Objects to Track Time

Like many ancient civilisations, Māori used the heavenly bodies to track the passage of time. The regular motions of the Sun, moon and stars were used as clocks for agriculture, seasonal fishing, rituals, festivities and other activities.  Travel was also based on celestial navigation and “star paths”.