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People of the project, part 2

David Feek

The final member of our team is the technician in the Geography Department at Massey University, David Feek. David grew up in and around the Manawatu and landed himself in a "tech" job at Massey that has gone on for over two decades. David and John have worked together all over New Zealand and the Pacific, sampling various wetlands to obtain cores for pollen analysis and radiocarbon dating.

John reckoned that including David in the project was essential, and I see why. David has been a godsend for efficiently pulling together the gear to sample here despite airline baggage regulations. His best trick so far has been leaving a good stash of gear of on the island.

The other day we found it, minus a couple long rods that may have been separated from the rest due to their length.


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Troy Baisden

Was Collapse Inevitable on Easter Island (Rapa Nui)? Reconstructing a Civilisation's Failure is a Marsden Programme Troy Baisden is involved in.

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