Mana vai

Today was our "day off" again, which meant we started packing and writing our report.

I thought I'd tell you about the mana vai which the people of Rapa Nui used, and still use, to grow crops. Within stone walls, the plants are well protected from the wind; this conserves water (vai). This is very helpful for the more tropical plants brought from Polynesia. Here our guide Soro has ginger in one hand and a sugar cane in the other. Mark and John were impressed, and there's more sugar cane behind John.

The other photo shows a much tidier mana vai, which we saw in the same area while we were looking for places to sample soil.


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Troy Baisden

Was Collapse Inevitable on Easter Island (Rapa Nui)? Reconstructing a Civilisation's Failure is a Marsden Programme Troy Baisden is involved in.

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