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Easter on Easter Island

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Many people have asked about Easter on Easter Island. It's one of the big holidays scheduled around traditional Polynesian culture, but it is an important holiday to the people. It seems to be an important weekend for families to spend together. It seems the main things going on were the usual activities in town, plus an organized soccer game, and earth-oven feasts (which I believe are similar to hangi in New Zealand).

Some of us checked out the main service at 9 am in the Catholic church. The church itself is a very interesting feature of Hanga Roa, the main town. It stands at the top of the hill on one of the two main streets, and displays a combination of traditional Christian and Rapa Nui motifs. The sharp green glyphs on the front of the church are the Rongorongo script, a unique and mysterious form of writing that seems to have been invented by the islanders around the time the moai- building era ended and Europeans first arrived.

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The church is always overcrowded on Sundays, with tourists flowing out the doors. As you can see in today's photos, Easter was no different. I've also included a snapshot that shows the inside of the church, including wood carving which are done in the same style as much of the native woodcarving which is on display (and for sale) all over the island.


Radio New Zealand's Easter Monday show called to ask me about Easter on Easter Island - you can listen at this link.


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