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New Zealand's Rocks

NZ geology

New Zealand rocks are mainly mapped in terms of their age of formation and their rock type. In addition the older rocks that form New Zealand’s geological basement are also divided in terms of their position relative to an ancient, now inactive tectonic plate boundary that bisects South Island and North Island. This boundary formed along the edge of Gondwanaland. The rock divisions therefore have overlapping ages.

Download a printable version of this basic geological map

NZ geology map.pdf 136.97 kB

You can also download a full set of this map and 8 others of each of the individual rock divisions:

Find out more about the main geological rock types in New Zealand:

Youngest sediments

Young volcanic rocks

Sedimentary cover rocks

Eastern greywacke basement

Eastern schist basement

Central volcanic sedimentary basement

Western metamorphic and sedimentary basement

Granite and other intrusives

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