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Big Avalanche on Mount Sefton
Mount Sefton in New Zealand has a high ice cliff across the East Face. When the ice moves it has nowhere to go but down!
Volcanic Landforms of Tongariro
Join GNS Science Scientists on a tramp across the Tongariro Alpine crossing and see the awesome volcanic features created during past eruptions.
White Island Volcano
Join GNS Science staff on helicopter journey to White Island and learn about the three month check up tests they run.
Mount Cook Flyby
Scientists search for ice core drilling sites amongst the high peaks of Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand
Breaking Bergs
Collapsing ice bergs on Tasman Glacier Lake in New Zealand. Just the place for scientists to collect ice samples to help understand the glacier's history.
White Terraces Rediscovered
Images of some of the White Terraces of Rotomahana have shown up in side-scan sonar data from a GNS Science led expedition in January 2011. Cornel de Ronde explains the discovery.