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Abstract - Van Dissen IAEG

Van Dissen, R., Barnes, P., Beavan, J., Cousins, J., Dellow, G., Francois-Holden, C., Fry, B., Langridge, R., Litchfield, N., Little, T., McVerry, G., Ninis, D., Rhoades, D., Robinson, R., Saunders, W., Villamor, P., Wilson, K., Barker, P., Berryman, K., Benites, R., Brackley, H., Bradley, B., Carne, R., Cochran, U., Hemphill-Haley, M., King, A., Lamarche, G., Palmer, N., Perrin, N., Pondard, N., Rattenbury, M., Read, S., Semmens, S., Smith, E., Stephenson, W., Wallace, L., Webb, T., Zhao, J., 2010, It’s Our Fault: better defining earthquake risk in Wellington. in proceedings, 11th IAEG Congress, Auckland, New Zealand, 5-10 September, 2010: 737-746.

ABSTRACT: The goal of the It’s Our Fault programme is to see Wellington positioned to become a more resilient city through a comprehensive study of the likelihood of large Wellington earthquakes, the effects of these earthquakes, and their impacts on humans and the built environment. Some key results to date include better definition and constraint on: 1) faulting in Cook Strait, 2) timing and size of past ruptures on the Wellington, Wairarapa, Wairau, and Ohariu faults, 3) state of locking of the subduction interface, 4) fault interactions throughout the region, in particular rupture statistics of the Wellington-Wairarapa fault-pair, and 5) conditional probability of rupture of the Wellington Fault. Current investigations are focused on characterisation of earthquake ground shaking behaviour in Wellington City and the Hutt Valley.

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