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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

NZ scientists gather information for disaster preparedness - 09/02/2010

Geologists from GNS Science will spend the next six months collecting information on buildings and infrastructure in Pacific Island countries to measure vulnerability and risk from earthquakes and cyclones in the southwest Pacific.

NZ's deep-sea research boosted by new partnership - 02/02/2010

Two New Zealand research organisations will work closely with one of the world’s leading ocean research and engineering organisations to accelerate research and exploration in a wide range of oceanographic topics in the southwest Pacific region.

NZ joins mission to probe Antarctic marine geology - 28/01/2010

Forty scientists from eight countries set off from Wellington this week on the German ice-breaker Polarstern on a nine-week voyage to investigate past glacier behaviour, seafloor geology, and oceanography in the Ross Sea.

Perspectives on global change from beneath the ocean floor - 03/01/2010

Forty years of ocean drilling have laid the foundation for much of what we know about the dynamic history of our planet, its oceans and climate over the past 150 million years.

Getting the measure of the volcano - 23/12/2009

When it comes to tough environments, Mt Ruapehu's Crater Lake is harsher than most. Temperatures get down to minus 10 degrees Celsius in winter and the water in the Crater Lake is about pH1, or similar to battery acid.

Samoan tsunami up to 14m high in some places when it hit - 22/12/2009

The tsunami that killed 180 people in American Samoa, Tonga and Samoa after a magnitude 8.3 earthquake midway between Samoa and Tonga on 29 September 2009 towered up to 14m above the ground and 17m above sea level on parts of the island of Niuatoputapu in Tonga, scientists say.

GNS Science helps with Vanuatu volcanic crisis - 22/12/2009

Late in 2009 two GNS Science volcanologists went to Vanuatu to provide advice about an erupting volcano on the remote northern Vanuatu island of Gaua.

Globe Claritas used in major NZ seismic survey - 30/11/2009

Software from GNS Science is being used to get a first look at New Zealand’s offshore geology as part of a major push to open up new areas for oil exploration.

Seabed drilling probes sea level change - 16/11/2009

An international team of 33 scientists will spend the next two months drilling beneath the seabed off the Canterbury coast in a bid to pin down the link between climate and sea level changes over the last 35 million years.

Dinosaur footprints discovered in the South Island - 07/11/2009

Scientists have found 70 million-year-old dinosaur footprints in northwest Nelson. They are the first dinosaur footprints to be recognised in New Zealand and the first evidence of dinosaurs in the South Island. They were discovered by geologist Greg Browne of GNS Science.