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Volcanic Hazards

Numerous types of hazards may result from a volcanic eruption, often simultaneously.

The type of hazards that will occur depend on which volcano is erupting (Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, Tongariro, Auckland, Tarawera, Taranaki, Raoul Island or White Island) and the nature of the eruption.


Mt Ruapehu, in the centre of the North Island, erupting during 1996. Photo - Lloyd Homer.

For example an eruption from Ruapehu through the crater lake will be different from one at say Ngauruhoe where there is no lake.

Potential hazards

Many of these phenomena will only affect an area very close to the volcano. However, volcanic ash fall can be deposited hundreds to thousands of kilometres from its source, making it the product most likely to affect the largest area and the greatest number of people.