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Lesson Plans

Geologist in Fiordland

Geologist in Fiordland, Photo Julian Thomson GNS Science

These activities will get you to think in the same way that a geologist does when trying to understand the history and layout of rock layers in the Earth’s crust. For a complete list of all our other lesson plans click here.

New Zealand Curriculum Links: Planet Earth and Beyond: Earth Systems levels 5 and 6

Key Competency: Thinking, Time required for each exercise: 40 minutes

Think Like a Geologist 1: What’s the story in a rock section?

This exercise involves the interpretation of rock layers and structures in order to work out the history represented in a geological cross section.

Download: Think like a Geologist 1.pdf 866.42 kB

Think Like a Geologist 2: Making 3D geological block diagrams

Geologists have to be able to visualise how rocks are arranged in 3 dimensions. Download this fun and challenging hands-on exercise:

Think like a Geologist 2.pdf (604.14 kB)

Think like a Geologist 2 ANSWER SHEET.pdf (792.26 kB)