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Antarctica-New Zealand Interglacial Climate Extremes (ANZICE)

ANZICE lab sampling

ANZICE is a scientific research programme funded by the NZ Foundation for Research Science and Technology and operating from the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University of Wellington. It is closely aligned with the Global Change Through Time programme at GNS Science and links with the ice core, gas analysis group at NIWA.

It seeks to understand the likely response of the New Zealand - Antarctic region to a warmer world. To achieve this aim, the project focuses on environmental changes that occurred during peak warm periods in the past when the atmosphere and surface ocean were up to 3 degrees C warmer than now. Such temperature increases are in line with those indicated for the next century by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

We believe that by deciphering detailed environmental records of the previous warm periods, we can provide a template for the future.

For further information visit the ANZICE website or contact Professor Lionel Carter