Measuring 7Be, 10Be and 210Pb in rain

  • Very weakly acidified de-ionised water and 9Be carrier are added to the collector at the beginning of the sampling period, typically one month.
  • When necessary, more de-ionised water is added to compensate for evaporation thus avoiding dry sample being blown from the collector by wind.
  • The collected water is filtered and passed through an ion-exchange column to absorb the Be which is then eluted with 4M HCl.
  • Excess acid is evaporated, Be recovered as hydroxide and the 7Be measured by gamma spectrometry.
  • A sub-sample is taken for chemical yield determination and the remainder processed for 10Be analysis by AMS.
  • The residue from the filters is processed separately.
  • If required, 210Pb can also be measured and an exchange service is available for ion-exchange columns and filters.

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