Marine Geophysics

Using remote sensing techniques to determine the physical properties and structure of rocks on and beneath the seafloor. Specialised equipment can be developed in-house for your project.

Seismic reflection/refraction

  • 6km long, 480 channel array deep crustal seismic reflection surveys, to 35m long, 16 channel array sub-metre resolution engineering surveys in harbours and lakes
  • Ocean-Bottom-Seismometers and sonobuoys providing sub-seafloor sediment/rock velocity information
  • Globe Claritas - specialised in-house seismic processing software
  • In-house specialised shallow water (>5m) 16-channel seismic reflection equipment

Gravity/magnetic methods

  • Operators for 25 years of La Coste and Romberg S-80 marine gravity meter, Proton and Overhauser magnetometers
  • Extensive 2D and 3D modelling software and experience

Swath bathymetry

  • Interpretation of multibeam sonar swath bathymetry and reflection intensity information from regional deep water (depths up to 8 km) surveys to high resolution inshore surveys on lakes and harbours.
Multi-beam sonar © NIWA

Multi-beam sonar © NIWA.