Brief biographies for our presenters - more coming soon.

Brian Carey photo

Brian Carey (GNS Science); Workshop Convenor
Brian is the Geothermal Manager at GNS Science where he heads a team of Geothermal Specialists. Brian is trained as a mechanical engineer well versed in geothermal resource utilisation. He is Vice President of the New Zealand Geothermal Association and chair of the Geothermal Heat-pump Association of New Zealand. The 30 plus strong team he heads at GNS Science comprises geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, geomicrobiologists and analytical staff running GNS Science’s ISO 17025 accredited Gas Water Laboratory. Brian has been with GNS Science for 5 years prior to which he had had 26 years in the geothermal industry with over 20 of these involved in management and engineering associated with the geothermal operations at the Wairakei and Ohaaki geothermal power generation facilities. You will experience his passion for geothermal energy at the Start to Steam event.

Colin Harvey photo

Colin Harvey (GNS Science); Workshop Convenver
Colin is one of New Zealand’s most experienced geothermal scientists. He holds a Ph.D. in low temperature geochemistry from Indiana University and has extensive geothermal project management experience in New Zealand and over 25 countries worldwide with a focus on geochemistry and clay mineralogy but also good understanding of geological and geophysical methods in geothermal exploration and resource assessment. He has lectured extensively in Asia, at Indiana University, USA (Associate Professor 1995 & 2001-2) and at the NZ Geothermal Institute and is currently Regional Editor of the Geothermics Journal. His international experience includes projects in Australasia, Africa, South East Asia, the Pacific, USA, India, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, India and China. Dr. Harvey is a former President of the NZ Geothermal Association (2003-2010) and currently Vice President of for the World geothermal body, the International Geothermal Association.

Stephen Daysh photo

Stephen Daysh (Environmental Management Services)
Stephen Daysh is the founding Director of Environmental Management Services Limited (EMS) and has 30 years environmental consulting experience in New Zealand and Asia. His primary specialty is the project management of environmental investigations and consenting processes for energy and infrastructure facilities and developments. He has been engaged as the lead environmental consultant for the consenting of 15 existing and new electricity generation facilities involving geothermal, wind, thermal, and hydro resources for a range of energy clients over the last 20 years. In the geothermal sphere Stephen managed the consenting team for the exploration and development phases for the Wayang Windu geothermal project in Indonesia in 1995 and 1996, and was the lead consultant for the successful re-consenting of the Ohaaki and Wairakei geothermal plants. He also managed the consenting processes for Contact Energy’s Te Huka, Te Mihi, and Tauhara II geothermal development projects near Taupo in New Zealand. You will hear a range of unique experiences and lessons learned on how to meet and overcome environmental issues and consenting challenges for large geothermal projects in both Indonesia and New Zealand.

Greg Bignall (GNS Science)
Greg Bignall joined GNS Science in 2004, after a 4-year faculty appointment at Tohoku Univ. (Japan), where he had a key role in the JSPS-NEDO funded Japanese HDR research (EGS) program. He has a PhD (geology) from Univ. Auckland (1995) and worked for Kingston Morrison Ltd. (now SKM Ltd.). He is manager of the GNS Science Geothermal Research Programme (focussing on fluid-mineral interactions, fluid inclusion studies, permeability controls and evolution of active geothermal systems), overseeing the geothermal geology well services and provides geothermal resource assessments for clients in New Zealand and overseas. Greg has >75 reviewed publications and >140 technical reports for commercial clients. His present work focuses on geothermal resource assessment, production well chemistry and groundwater monitoring, and fluid-mineral interaction processes.

Supri Soengkono photo

Supri Soengkono (GNS Science)
Supri is a geophysicist with more than 25 years working experience. He has been involved in a range of geothermal and geophysical teaching, research and investigations. His main expertise is Magnetic, Gravity, and DC-Resistivity methods, but he is also competent in many other geophysical surveying techniques and interpretations, including EM Terrain Conductivity, Controlled Source Audio Magneto Telluric (CSAMT), Seismic Refraction and measurements of natural heat loss from surface geothermal manifestations.

Rob Reeves photo

Robert Reeves (GNS Science)
Rob has extensive experience designing, implementing and reviewing geophysical surveys for international and domestic (NZ) clients. Rob has specialist skills in the area of TEM data acquisition and analysis and has experience in MT field data acquisition. Rob has worked on geothermal and groundwater projects at GNS for the last 13 years. During this time, Rob has authored or co-authored >40 commercial reports and published >7 papers in national and international journals.

Hagen Hole photo

Hagen Hole (GCNZL)
Hagen is the managing director and principal consultant for Geothermal Consultants (NZ) Ltd. For over 35 years Hagen has provided technical expertise and project management for geothermal development and drilling projects in Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, St. Lucia, Sao Miguel-Azores, Ecuador, Iran, Greece, Nicaragua and the USA. His expertise spans geothermal drilling and project supervision; well testing and reservoir engineering; data evaluation; and direct use engineering. He has undertaken roles including on-site measurements engineer, drilling engineer, project manager, engineering manager, to senior manager of geothermal exploration and development programmes.

Andrew Rae photo

Andrew Rae (GNS Science)
Andrew joined GNS Science as a geothermal geologist at GNS Science, and currently is the supervisor for wellsite geology and geological services for Mighty River Power, Contact Energy (a total of 8 NZ geothermal fields), as well as international geothermal resource evaluations. He obtained his PhD in 2001 from CODES-SRC, University of Tasmania, Australia where he studied the geology, hydrothermal alteration and fluid chemistry of the Palinpinon geothermal system, Negros Is., Philippines. His research interests are in the geology and geochemistry of hydrothermal and magmatic-hydrothermal ore systems, geothermal geohydrology and the chemistry of geothermal fluids.

malcolm grant photo

Malcolm Grant (Private Consultant)
Malcolm, a reservoir engineer, is an expert in the interpretation of reservoir parameters from well measurements and integration into resource model. Malcolm has played a key role in geothermal field assessments to provide expertise on review of well, natural springs, and reservoir data; creating conceptual models; assessing field capacity and station design parameters; and making recommendations for management or exploration strategies. He has worked on projects in New Zealand, Philippines, Kenya, Japan, USA, Indonesia, Chile, Nicaragua, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. Malcolm is co-author of the book Geothermal Reservoir Engineering - the second edition was recently published of this popular technical resource and training manual.

Ed Mroczek photo

Ed Mroczek (GNS Science)
Ed has been a practising geochemist for 20 years in all areas of geothermal chemistry for clients in New Zealand, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines and Japan. He has published 40 papers and conference abstracts, over 70 confidential client reports and 2 provisional patent applications. He has had extensive experience in the design and running of large-scale field experiments and laboratory scale hydrothermal experiments to determine reaction rates of geothermal fluids in reinjection aquifers. His present work includes geothermal resource evaluation and assessment, production chemistry monitoring and environmental geochemistry.

Samantha Alcaraz photo

Samantha Alcaraz (GNS Science)
Samantha Alcaraz has been based at GNS Science Wairakei Since March 2009. Samantha is GNS Sciences geothermal expert in GIS, 3D modelling, database management and image processing. Samantha has an MSc in Geographical Information Management from Cranfield University, UK (2004) as well as a Master of Engineering Geology from the Institut Geologique Albert-de-Lapparent, France (2004) and has worked on projects in Ecuador, Brazil, England, Montserrat, Reunion, and France.

Chris Bromley photo

Chris Bromley (GNS Science)
Chris’s experience spans 24 years of scientific research and consulting in the geothermal industry. Chris has wide experience as an expert in geothermal development, resource consent applications, exploration geophysics, electromagnetic methods, geothermal exploration and commercial project management. He has provided extensive consulting advice to geothermal energy companies particularly in New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya and Chile and is familiar with all geothermal energy technologies through 30 years of practical experience in operating and exploring geothermal systems. Chris is the current Chairman of International Energy Association Geothermal Annex, was the lead author for the geothermal chapter of the Renewable Energy Report, for the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, and sits on the peer review panel for both the Rotokawa and Mokai geothermal fields.

John Burnell (Industrial Research Limited)
John is a principal research scientist and team manager of the Applied Maths team at Industrial Research Limited. The Applied Maths team has been at the forefront of the development of techniques for modelling geothermal systems since the early day of the operation of the Wairakei system. John has worked in geothermal reservoir modelling for over 25 years, undertaking both research and consulting. He has extensive experience in developing models of geothermal systems throughout the world. This includes developing models for both consenting purposes and resource planning. John develops software used for modelling, and is currently the developer of a Tough2 pre-processor and the NZ convenor of the IPGT Reservoir Modelling Group. Many of John’s projects require custom-build software solutions.

Chris Taylor photo

Chris Taylor (Parsons Brinckerhoff)
Chris Taylor is the Technical Executive - Geothermal at Parsons Brinckerhoff, providing technical leadership for the Asia, Australia Pacific region. Chris is a senior mechanical consulting engineer with 30 years’ experience encompassing geothermal, cogeneration, combined cycle and thermal power generation. He has designed and optimised geothermal power plant developments in New Zealand and across the region, building on specialist knowledge in system design, process thermodynamics, optimisation and modelling.

Brian white photo

Brian White (East Harbour Energy)
Brian White is the Commercial Development Manager for East Harbour Energy and Executive Officer for the New Zealand Geothermal Association. He has over 30 years’ experience in geothermal projects. This started with operational experience at Wairakei Power Station, design experience on Ohaaki Power Station then reservoir and field experience on the Kawerau geothermal field. His experience includes feasibility studies, consenting, and contractual reviews through to due diligence on a range of technical plant. He has had various management roles and been involved with the strategic development of a number of geothermal groups. His interests extend from various forms of electricity generation through direct geothermal use for industrial applications and to geothermal heat pumps. Outside of this he has been involved with asset sales of irrigation schemes, due diligence on district heating schemes, and has had policy advice roles on energy markets within the New Zealand government. International experience includes projects in the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Kenya and Djibouti. He is currently working within the World Bank in a technical support role on geothermal projects.

Mike Allen photo

Mike Allen (Geothermal New Zealand)
With a background in engineering, Mike Allen spent over 25 years with GENZL involved in the geothermal industry undertaking project developments in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Mediterranean. In 1995 he was appointed Executive Director of E+Co, a US based not-for-profit providing business development services and seed capital for the promotion of renewable energy in emerging economies. He is founder and chairman of the Singapore based ReEx Capital Asia which bridges between clean energy projects and investors throughout South East Asia. He acts in an advisory role to the IFC (private sector arm of the World Bank) as they develop their international geothermal strategy and explore investment opportunities. Mike is a member of the Board of Mighty River Power in New Zealand. He is a member of the GeoGlobal Energy investment committee through which MRP makes investments into international geothermal developments. He is also currently chair of the Geothermal New Zealand initiative leading a collaborative approach towards extended opportunities in international geothermal markets.

Mike Dunstall photo

Mike Dunstall (Contact Energy)
Mike is the General Manager for Geothermal Resources at Contact Energy Ltd. Previously he has worked as the Wholesale Markets Manager at Trustpower and as a Senior Lecturer at the Geothermal Institute at The University of Auckland.

Peter Barnett photo

Peter Barnett (Hot Rock Ltd)
Peter is Managing Director of Hot Rock Limited (HRL), now the second largest geothermal company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. HRL is actively exploring geothermal systems for power development in Chile, Peru and Australia across high enthalpy volcanic and medium enthalpy hot sedimentary aquifer (HSA) terranes. Prior to joining HRL, Peter worked for 30 years as a geothermal consultant with Sinclair Knight Merz and various precursors, on geothermal exploration, development and operations at some 40 projects in 24 countries - the largest being the 600MW single stage expansion project at the Leyte geothermal field in the Philippines. Peter is an active member of the international geothermal community, a board member of the New Zealand Geothermal Association and sits on both the Geothermal Resource Code and Geothermal Economics sub-committees of the Australian Geothermal Energy Association.

Aroha Campbell photo

Aroha Campbell (Tauhara North No2 Trust)
Aroha is married to Kevin Campbell; they have four grown children and five beautiful mokos. She has held the position of Responsible Trustee for Tauhara North No2 Trust since the early 1990’s, and currently holds the position of Trust Chief Executive Office since July 2006. She is also a director on Tauhara Development Limited, Ringa Matau Limited, Tahumatua Limited as well as Rotokawa Generation Limited and Rotokawa Joint Venture Limited. Prior to joining the Trust full time, she worked for Mitchells Clothing Manufacturing, Prolog Industries, Forestry Corporation Ltd, Fletcher Challenge Forests and Tenon Limited in various key positions within supply chain, then move to managing IT development and projects. As the Trust CEO, Aroha’s many responsibilities is to drive the Trusts vision and innovation, manage change throughout the Trust Group business to ensure real benefits are provided owners and beneficiaries.