2015 The Second Joint Meeting on Seismic Hazard Assessment between Taiwan, Japan and New Zealand - Welcome Wellington

This workshop is a followup to a workshop held in Taipei, Taiwain in May, 2014. In this series of workshops, representatives from Tawain Earthquake Model (TEM), National Research Institute for Earthquake Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED; Tokyo, Japan) and the New Zealand National Seismic Hazard Model (GNS Science and University of Canterbury) are collaborating to improve the modelling of seismic hazard in New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan. The tectonic environments of the three countries share many similarities and we all face similar challenges in modelling of seismic hazard. Through this ongoing series of workshops we aim to improve such topics as source characterisation, ground motion simulation and prediction, subduction zone modelling and risk assessment.

Details of the 2014 meeting can be found on the TEM site here.


Matt Gerstenberger & Bill Fry (GNS Science)

Field Trip Leader

Mark Stirling (GNS Science)