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Listen to the latest audio media from GNS Science.

Radio New Zealand is a great resource with audio downloads and podcasts of interviews with GNS Science staff on topical issues. Links to some of these items can be found here.
You can find most of the content relating to GNS Science in this link which is merely a search for "GNS Science".

Awakening from the wall of water. Dr Noel Trustrum on Aceh

Drilling the Alpine Fault to know how earthquakes are produced

Giant fossil found by NZ paleontologists

Tsunami Hazard Report

Seismologists say new information answers questions about quakes
Seismologists studying the Canterbury earthquakes say aftershocks from the September 2010 quake were so unusually strong because of the type of rocks along the faultline. Dr Martin Reyners. (4'09") 05/10/2012

Geothermal Microbes
Microbiologist Matthew Stott is excited by the diversity of thermophile microbes that thrive in hot geothermal waters (14′35″)
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Predicting Volcanoes
Volcanologist Gill Jolly explains how data from a volcano monitoring network help forecast volcanic activity (12′37″)
Download: Ogg Vorbis MP3 | Embed

Monitoring Volcanic Hazards (Brad Scott from GNS Science)
The Waimangu Valley near Rotorua is one of a number of volcanic monitoring sites in the Taupo Volcanic Zone (16′53″)
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Orange juice (duration: 34′38″) Karyne Rogers on testing orange juice.
How OJ muscled its way onto our breakfast menus with author Alissa Hamilton. Plus we put 5 of New Zealand's top brands to the test to see if claims like"no added sugar"and"not from concentrate"really stack up.
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Forensic Palynology (duration: 12′30″)
Dallas Mildenhall explains how pollen grains and spores can be used to uncover the truth in criminal cases.
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Fake Pharmaceuticals (duration: 13′05″)
Dallas Mildenhall from GNS uses pollen grains and spores to detect fake pharmaceuticals.
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Egg test: Caged or free range? (Stream - duration: 16′44″)
Dr Karyne Rogers has developed a scientific test to tell the difference between free range, organic and caged eggs. How the test works and what it means for shoppers.
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Ice secrets (duration: 9′21″)
A team of international scientists is preparing to battle altitude, difficult terrain and freezing temperatures to discover the secrets of the past kept locked in ice in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park.
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Happy Easter from Easter Island (Stream - duration: 7′03″)
Troy Baisden is a member of a Marsden funded team of scientists based on Easter Island for the month of April.
Download: MP3

New Zealand vulcanologists montoring Tongan Volcano
GNS Science is using satellite and photographic data relayed from Tonga to keep tabs on the eruption. (duration: 2′56″)
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An earlier report can be found here.

EarthWorks Four - They that go down to the sea
National Radio
(Audio - duration: 48'37")
In this episode we’re going to go down, deep, deep down, all the way through the most alien place on Earth, full of strange creatures, extreme conditions and remarkable facts – the ocean!

http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/documentaries/earthworks to browse, or here to save the mp3 file or ogg file for your MP3-player.

Easter Island Collapse
National Radio

(Audio duration 12'21")
GNS Scientist Troy Baisden explains his hypothesis that Easter Islanders overshot the carrying capacity of their island's soil.

Feature Guest - Cornel de Ronde
National Radio

(Audio - duration: 33′31″)
GNS scientist and explorer conducting world-leading research into active volcanoes on the sea floor around New Zealand. Cornel de Ronde.
Nine to noon:2008/07/21

Science Story: Hydrates as an Energy Resources

(Audio - file size 1.4 mb)
The technology to extract methane for industry from gigantic bubbles deep under the ocean is just a few years away. Stuart Henrys.
Morning Report: 2008/03/13

Undersea vents in the pacific ring of fire.

windows media . real player
Video of Cornel de Ronde from the "Catalyst" program from ABC website.
Links to video below.

In Search of Ancient New Zealand

(Audio duration: 22':32'' - 10.3MB)
Te Papa Science Express - With Hamish Campbell & George Gibbs

Te Papa

More podcasts here on the NOAA Ring of Fire site.

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