Lizette Reyes


Full Name: Lizette Reyes

Position: Technician

Contact details

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Phone: +64-4-570 4895

Specialist Profile

Lizette is a Laboratory and Field Technician who is responsible for sediment core preparation, scanning and curation at GNS Science. She is the manager of the Core Splitting/Sampling Laboratory and has helped with lake sediment coring and collection of water, surface sediment and soil samples during fieldwork.


2016: BSc, Geology and Environmental Science

Areas of expertise

Paleontology: Laboratory Management
Paleontology: Lake sediment core processing
Paleontology: Palynological processing
Paleontology: Sediment core and sample curation
Social Science: Social Media
Technical: Database development
Technical: Database management
Technical: SPECIM Hyperspectral imaging
Technical: Sample preparation
Technical: Training Students in Laboratory Skills

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