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Full Name: Chris Bromley

Position: Geophysicist

Contact details

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Specialist Profile

Short CV Chris Bromley is a senior geothermal researcher and consultant, with 35 years of international experience. He is based at GNS Science, Wairakei, a New Zealand Government owned research institute, and is well known for his resource assessments, geophysical exploration, and environmental studies of geothermal fields in Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Kenya, Iran, Chile, Australia and New Zealand. He is currently a co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal ‘Geothermics’, Chairman of the ‘IEA Geothermal Implementing Agreement’, a member of the ‘IPGT Induced Seismicity Working Group’, and heads international geothermal environmental-effects research. Chris was a lead author of the geothermal chapter of the IPCC renewable energy report (SRREN), a reviewer of EGS projects for the US-DOE geothermal technologies program, a session chairman and keynote speaker at 18 international meetings including: RE2006 (Japan), RE2008 (Korea), WGC-2010 (Indonesia), IEA-NEET 2012 (China), and 3rd ICEPE 2013 (Germany). He was a keynote speaker at geothermal workshops in Chile, Australia, China, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan and New Zealand. He peer reviews operational management of three New Zealand geothermal fields, provides technical advice to regulators, and has been a guest lecturer and an external examiner for the Geothermal Institute at Auckland University. During his career, he has published 94 refereed papers, 105 others, and 190 consulting reports (70% as first author). He has presented at 79 conferences, and convened 5 international workshops on induced seismicity, sustainability, global geothermal potential, geothermal innovation and environmental mitigation. In 2014, Chris was awarded the prestigious Hochstetter Lecturer Award by the Geoscience Society of New Zealand, and presented a series of 18 lectures on the science underlying New Zealand’s rapid growth in geothermal deployment.


1976: BSc Hons, Physics; 1979: MSc Hons, Geophysics

Areas of expertise

Business Development: Assessment of Environmental Effects
Geophysics: CSAMT, MT
Geophysics: Commercial Project Management
Geophysics: Electromagnectic Methods
Geophysics: Exploration Geophysics
Geophysics: Geothermal development
Geophysics: Geothermal exploration
Geophysics: Gravity
Geophysics: Hazard and risk assessment
Geophysics: Infra-red
Geophysics: Reservoir-induced seismicity
Geophysics: Resistivity

Professional activities

International Geothermal Association: Member
New Zealand Geothermal Association: Member
Rotokawa Peer Review Committee: Member
Mokai Peer Review Committee: Member
Auckland University: Geothermal Institute: Guest lecturer
Geoscience Society of New Zealand: member
IPGT (International Partnership Geothermal Technology): Induced Seismicity Working Group: NZ rep.
International Energy Agency: Geothermal Implementing Agreement: Executive Committee member; Chairman

Major publications

Bromley, C.J.; Brockbank, K.; Glynn-Morris T.; Rosenberg, M.D.; Pender M.; O’Sullivan, M.; Currie S. 2013 Geothermal subsidence study at Wairakei-Tauhara. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Geotechnical engineering, 166(2): 211-223; doi: 10.1680/geng.12.00040

Bromley, C.J.; Mongillo, M.A. 2013 Geothermal power. p. 339-350 IN: Stolten, D.; Scherer, V. (eds) Transition to renewable energy systems. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH

Bromley, C.J. 2009 Groundwater changes in the Wairakei-Tauhara geothermal system. Geothermics, 38(1): 134-144; doi: 10.1016/j.geothermics.2008.11.007

Bromley, C.J.; Currie, S.; Manville, V.R.; Rosenberg, M.D. 2009 Recent ground subsidence at Crown Road, Tauhara and its probable causes. Geothermics, 38(1): 181-191; doi: 10.1016/j.geothermics.2008.11.008

Bromley, C.J.; Mongillo, M.A. 2008 Geothermal energy from fractured reservoirs : dealing with induced seismicity. OPEN energy technology bulletin, 48: 7 p.

Bromley, C.J. 2006 Predicting subsidence in New Zealand geothermal fields : a novel approach. Transactions (Geothermal Resources Council), 30: 611-616

Bromley, C.J. 2005 The ying and yang of geothermal environmental management. Transactions (Geothermal Resources Council), 29: 595-600

Bromley, C.J. 2005 Advances in environmental management of geothermal developments. 7 p. IN: Proceedings of the World Geothermal Congress 2005, Antalya, Turkey, 24-29 April 2005. [Reykjavik, Iceland]: International Geothermal Association

Hochstein, M.P.; Bromley, C.J. 2005 Measurement of heat flux from steaming ground. Geothermics, 34(2): 133-160

Hochstein, M.P.; Bromley, C.J. 2001 Steam cloud characteristics and heat output of fumaroles. Geothermics, 30(5): 547-559

Bromley, C.J.; Khosrawi, K.; Talebi, B. 2000 Geophysical exploration of Sabalan geothermal prospects in Iran. p. 1009-1014 IN: Iglesias, E.; Blackwell, D.; Hunt, T.M.; Lund, J.; Tamanyu, S.; Kimbara, K. (eds) Proceedings of the World Geothermal Congress 2000, Kyushu - Tohoku, Japan, 28 May - 10 June 2000. [Kyushu?]: Japanese Organising Committee for WGC2000

Bromley, C.J.; Pearson, C.F.; Rigor, D.M. 1987 Microearthquakes of the Puhagan Geothermal Field, Philippines - a case of induced seismicity. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 31(3/4): 293-311

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