Peter Rendel


Full Name: Peter Rendel

Position: Experimental Geochemist

Contact details

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Specialist Profile

Peter is an experimental hydrothermal geochemist, he earned his BSc in geology, and his MSc and Ph.D. in geochemistry at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. His work focuses on the kinetics and thermodynamics of water-rock interactions in porous media at high pressure and temperature environments and has been involved in research and commercial projects related to geothermal energy, energy storage, enhanced hydrocarbon recovery, and geological carbon storage & utilization. Peter is a leading experimental geochemist in the MBIE Endeavour research programme: Geothermal - The Next Generation, focusing on AotearoaÂ’s supercritical geothermal potential.


2011: BSc, Geology; 2013: MSc, Geochemistry; 2018: PhD, Geochemistry

Areas of expertise

Business Development: CCUS
Business Development: EOR
Business Development: Energy Storage
Business Development: Geochemistry
Business Development: Geothermal
Business Development: LabView
Business Development: Water-Rock Interaction

Professional activities

European Association of Geochemistry: Member
New Zealand Geothermal Association: Member

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