Cecile Massiot


Full Name: Cecile Massiot

Position: Geothermal Geoscientist

Contact details

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Phone: +64-4-570 4776

Specialist Profile

Short CV Cécile is a structural geologist and borehole log interpretation specialist who aims to unravel characteristics of fracture systems which conduct fluid flow in the Earth's crust. Her structural and geomechanical analyses in geothermal, hydrocarbon and active fault systems improve resource management and understanding of tectonics. She complements borehole data with outcrop, completion well test data and 3D-modeling studies and thrives in cross-disciplinary projects. Cécile has been involved in most borehole image log interpretations in New Zealand geothermal fields since the first deployment of ALT high temperature ABI tool in 2009. She has also interpreted borehole data in three scientific drilling programs: Iceland Deep Drilling Program (Iceland, 2009); Deep Fault Drilling Program (Alpine Fault, South Island of New Zealand, 2014); and IODP Exp. 376 Brothers Arc Flux (Kermadec arc offshore New Zealand, 2018).


2010: Engineering degree "Diplome d'ingenieur", Petroleum Geosciences and Reservoir Engineering; 2010: MSc, Numerical Geology; 2017: PhD, Geophysics

Areas of expertise

Business Development: Borehole Log Interpretation
Business Development: Geothermal
Geology: 3D modelling
Geology: Active fault studies
Geology: Borehole Image Analysis
Geology: Drillcore logging
Geology: Field studies
Geology: Geothermal
Geology: Log analysis
Geology: Petroleum Geology
Geology: Structural Geology
Technical: 3-D computer modelling
Technical: Statistical methods and modeling
Technical: Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Professional activities

New Zealand Geothermal Association: Member
Geothermal Resources Council (US): Member
Geological Society of New Zealand: Member
American Geophysical Union: Member
Women in Geothermal (WING): Member

Major publications

Massiot, C.; McIntosh, I.; Deans, J.; Milicich, S.D.; Caratori Tontini, F.; de Ronde, C.E.J.; Adam, L.; Kolandaivelu, K.; Guerin, G. 2022 Petrophysical facies and inferences on permeability at Brothers Volcano, Kermadec Arc, using downhole images and petrophysical data. Economic Geology, Online first: doi: 10.5382/econgeo.4897

Massiot, C.; Seebeck, H.; Nicol, A.; McNamara, D.D.; Lawrence, M.J.F.; Griffin, A.G.; Thrasher, G.P.; O'Brien, G.; Viskovic, G.P.D. 2019 Effects of regional and local stresses on fault slip tendency in the southern Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 107: 467-483; doi: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2019.05.030

McNamara, D.D.; Milicich, S.D.; Massiot, C.; Villamor, P.; McLean, K.; Sepulveda, F.; Ries, W.F. 2019 Tectonic controls on Taupo Volcanic Zone geothermal expression : insights from Te Mihi, Wairakei Geothermal Field. Tectonics, 38(8): 3011-3033; doi: 10.1029/2018TC005296

de Ronde, C.E.J.; Humphris, S.E.; Höfig, T.W.; Reyes, A.G.; IODP Expedition 376 Scientists 2019 Critical role of caldera collapse in the formation of seafloor mineralization : the case of Brothers volcano. Geology, 47(8): 762-766; doi: 10.1130/G46047.1

Massiot, C.; Célérier, B.; Doan, M.-L.; Little, T.A.; Townend, J.; McNamara, D.D.; Williams, J.; Schmitt, D.R.; Toy, V.G.; Sutherland, R.; Janku-Capova, L.; Upton, P.; Pezard, P.A. 2018 The Alpine Fault hangingwall viewed from within : structural analysis of ultrasonic image logs in the DFDP-2B borehole, New Zealand. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 19(8): 2492-2515; doi: 10.1029/2017GC007368

Massiot, C.; Nicol, A.; McNamara, D.D.; Townend, J. 2017 Evidence for tectonic, lithologic, and thermal controls on fracture system geometries in an andesitic high-temperature geothermal field. Journal of Geophysical Research. Solid Earth, 122(8): 6853-6874; doi: 10.1002/2017JB014121

Massiot, C.; Nicol, A.; Townend, J.; McNamara, D.D.; Garcia-Selles, D.; Conway, C.E.; Archibald, G.C. 2017 Quantitative geometric description of fracture systems in an andesite lava flow using terrestrial laser scanner data. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 341: 315-331; doi: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2017.05.036

Massiot, C.; Townend, J.; Nicol, A.; McNamara, D.D. 2017 Statistical methods of fracture characterisation using acoustic borehole televiewer log interpretation. Journal of Geophysical Research. Solid Earth, 122(8): 6836-6852; doi: 10.1002/2017JB014115

Massiot, C.; McNamara, D.D.; Lewis, B. 2015 Processing and analysis of high temperature geothermal acoustic borehole image logs in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand. Geothermics, 53: 190-201; doi: 10.1016/j.geothermics.2014.05.010

McNamara, D.D.; Massiot, C.; Lewis, B.; Wallis, I.C. 2015 Heterogeneity of structure and stress in the Rotokawa Geothermal Field, New Zealand. Journal of Geophysical Research. Solid Earth, 120(2): 1243-1262; doi: 10.1002/2014JB011480

Massiot, C.; McNamara, D.D.; Lewis, B. 2013 Interpretive review of the acoustic borehole image logs acquired to date in the Wairakei-Tauhara Geothermal Field. GNS Science report 2013/04. 26 p.

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