Cathy Ginnane


Full Name: Cathy Ginnane

Position: Senior Laboratory Technician

Contact details

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Phone: +64-4-570 4634


2001: BSc, Chemistry; 2003: MSc, Organic Chemistry; 2009: PhD, Organic Geochemistry / Chemical Oceanography

Areas of expertise

Radiocarbon: Carbon cycle
Radiocarbon: Chronological investigations
Radiocarbon: Dating of macrofossils
Radiocarbon: Elemental Analyser
Radiocarbon: Elemental Analyser Operator
Radiocarbon: Global carbon cycle
Radiocarbon: Graphite making
Radiocarbon: High precision measurement
Radiocarbon: High sensitivity measurements
Radiocarbon: Instrument Development
Radiocarbon: Lab tours and explanations to visitors
Radiocarbon: Methods Development
Radiocarbon: New preparation procedures
Radiocarbon: Quality assurance
Radiocarbon: Radiocarbon database upkeep
Radiocarbon: Ramped Pyrolysis Analysis
Radiocarbon: Sample process/time management
Radiocarbon: Sample processing
Radiocarbon: sample treatment methods

Professional activities

Geological Society of New Zealand: Geochemistry: Member

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