Sonja Bermudez


Full Name: Sonja Bermudez

Position: Geological Research Labs and Collections Manager

Contact details

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Phone: +64-4-570 4850

Specialist Profile

Sonja is the Geological Research Laboratories and Collections Manager and is responsible for staff and labs at both Gracefield and Avalon sites. Sonja's expertise lies in Paleontology and Mineral Separation - primarily the manual and chemical extraction and examination of microfossils including pollen, foraminifera, radiolarians and diatoms. She has researched early Eocene foraminifera from the Clarence Valley in Marlborough and is currently looking at modern microfossils in harbour sediments from around Aotearoa.


1997: BSc, Biochemistry and Genetics; 2019: MSc (A-), Geology

Areas of expertise

Geology: Mineral Separation
Geology: Paleoclimatology
Geology: Paleoenvironmental Studies
Molecular Microbiology: Biochemistry
Molecular Microbiology: Genetics
Paleontology: Biostratigraphy
Paleontology: Diatom processing
Paleontology: Foraminifera
Paleontology: Foraminifera processing
Paleontology: Laboratory Management
Paleontology: Micropaleontogy
Paleontology: Palynology
Paleontology: Radiolarian processing
Palynology: Melissopalynology
Palynology: Palynological processing

Professional activities

Geological Society of New Zealand: Member

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