Charles Williams


Full Name: Charles Williams

Position: Geodynamic Modeller

Contact details

Email: C.Williams
Phone: +64-4-570 4566


1980: BA, Physics/Geology; 1987: MSc, Geophysics; 1990: PhD, Geophysics

Areas of expertise

Geophysics: Code development
Geophysics: Crustal deformation and neotectonics
Geophysics: Earthquake hazard modelling
Geophysics: Finite element analysis
Geophysics: Geodynamics
Geophysics: Mathematical inversion techniques
Geophysics: Modelling
Geophysics: Numerical Methods
Geophysics: Stress triggering
Geophysics: Subduction zones
Geophysics: Technical Computer Applications
Geophysics: Volcano Geophysics

Professional activities

American Geophysical Union: Member
New Zealand Geophysical Society: Member
Sigma Xi Society: Member
Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics: Short-term crustal dynamics working group: Committee Member

Major publications

Ellis, S.M.; Fagereng, A.; Barker, D.H.N.; Henrys, S.A.; Saffer, D.; Wallace, L.M.; Williams, C.A.; Harris, R. 2015 Fluid budgets along the northern Hikurangi subduction margin, New Zealand : the effect of a subducting seamount on fluid pressure. Geophysical Journal International, 202(1): 277-297; doi: 10.1093/gji/ggv127

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