Richard Sykes


Full Name: Richard Sykes

Position: Petroleum Geochemist; Programme Leader; Lead Scientist - Source Rock Laboratory

Contact details

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Phone: +64-4-570 4828


1982: BSc, Geology; 1986: MSc, Geology

Areas of expertise

Geochemist: Organic geochemistry
Geochemist: Organic petrology
Geochemist: Petroleum geochemistry
Geology: Coal geology
Geology: Petroleum Exploration
Geology: Sedimentary basin analysis

Professional activities

The Society for Organic Petrology: Member
The International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology: Member
European Association of Organic Geochemists: Member
NZ Association of Petroleum Geologists: Member

Major publications

Sykes, R.; Raine, J.I. 2008 Organofacies controls on the oil potential of coaly source rocks in the Late Cretaceous North Cape Formation, Taranaki Basin. p. 219-224 IN: Blevin, J.E.; Bradshaw, B.E.; Uruski, C.I. (eds) Third Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium, EABS III : energy security for the 21st century : symposium proceedings. Sydney, NSW: Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia. Special publication / Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia.

Sykes, R. 2004 Peat biomass and early diagenetic controls on the paraffinic oil potential of humic coals, Canterbury Basin, New Zealand. Petroleum geoscience, 10(4): 283-303; doi: 10.1144/1354-079302-568

Sykes, R.; Snowdon, L.R.; Johansen, P.E. 2004 Leaf biomass : a new paradigm for sourcing the terrestrial oils of Taranaki Basin. p. 553-574 IN: Boult, P.J.; Johns, D.R.; Lang, S.C. (eds) Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium II, Adelaide, South Australia, 19-22 September 2004. [Adelaide, SA?]: Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia. Special publication / Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia 2.

Sykes, R.; Snowdon, L.R. 2002 Guidelines for assessing the petroleum potential of coaly source rocks using Rock-Eval pyrolysis. Organic geochemistry, 33(12): 1441-1455

Sykes, R. 2001 Depositional and rank controls on the petroleum potential of coaly source rocks. p. 591-601 IN: Hill, K.C.; Bernecker, T. (eds) Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium, 25-28 November 2001, Melbourne, Victoria. Carlton, Vic.: Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Special publication / Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia.

Killops, S.D.; Funnell, R.H.; Suggate, R.P.; Sykes, R.; Peters, K.E.; Walters, C.; Woolhouse, A.D.; Weston, R.J.; Boudou, J.-P. 1998 Predicting generation and expulsion of paraffinic oil from vitrinite-rich coals. Organic geochemistry, 29(1/3): 1-21

Edbrooke, S.W.; Sykes, R.; Pocknall, D.T. 1994 Geology of the Waikato Coal Measures, Waikato Coal Region, New Zealand. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences monograph 6. 236 p., 8 maps

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