Margaret Norris


Full Name: Margaret Norris

Position: Radiocarbon Laboratory Manager

Contact details

Email me here
Phone: +64-4-570 4644


1989: New Zealand Certificate in Science, Chemistry; 1992: New Zealand Diploma in Science; 2015: MSc, Physical Geography

Areas of expertise

Radiocarbon: Aging of post-bomb materials
Radiocarbon: Atmospheric applications
Radiocarbon: Authentication of antiquities
Radiocarbon: Biosecurity management
Radiocarbon: Calibration of time scale
Radiocarbon: Dating of Microbotanicals
Radiocarbon: Dating of macrofossils
Radiocarbon: Graphite making
Radiocarbon: Lab tours and explanations to visitors
Radiocarbon: Laboratory Managemnent
Radiocarbon: New preparation procedures
Radiocarbon: Tree ring sample preparation methods
Radiocarbon: pretreatment method development
Radiocarbon: sample treatment methods

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