Stuart Read


Full Name: Stuart Read

Position: Emeritus Scientist

Contact details

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Phone: +64-4-570 4728


1972: BSc (1st class) Honors, Engineering geology; 1991: Management Diploma

Areas of expertise

Engineering: Foundation investigations
Engineering: rock & soil properties
Geology: Engineering Geology
Geology: Landscape evolution
Geology: Landslide Processes

Professional activities

NZ Geotechnical Society: Management Committee (1979-1985)
NZ Society on Large Dams: Management Committe (1990 - ; Chairman 1996-1998)
International Association of Engineering Geology: Member
Geological Society of New Zealand: Member
International Society for Rock Mechanics: Member (soft rocks Committee 2007 - )

Major publications

Richards, L.; Read, S.A.L. 2007 New Zealand greywacke characteristics and influences on rock mass behaviour. p. 359-364 IN: Ribeiro e Sousa, L.; Olalla, C.; Grossmann, N. (eds) 11th Congress of the International Society for Rock Mechanics : the second half century of rock mechanics. Leiden, The Netherlands: Taylor & Francis. Balkema - proceedings and monographs in engineering, water and earth sciences .

Richards, L.; Read, S.A.L. 2006 A review of empirical methods for assessing rock mass deformability. ARMA/USRMS 06-1169 (13 p.) IN: Yale, D.P.; Holtz, S.C.; Breeds, C.; Ozbay, U. (eds) GoldenRocks 2006 : the 41st US Rock Mechanics Symposium & 50th anniversary. Golden, Colo: American Rock Mechanics Association

Read, S.A.L.; Perrin, N.D.; Richards, L. 2005 Evaluation of the intact properties of weak rocks for use in the Hoek-Brown failure criterion. p. 43-44 IN: Chen, G.; Huang, S.; Zhou, W.; Tinucci, J. (eds) Alaska Rocks 2005 : the 40th US Rock Mechanics Symposium, Anchorage, Alaska, June 25-29, 2005 : abstracts. [Anchorage, Alaska?]: [American Rock Mechanics Association?]

Read, S.A.L.; Pender, M.J.; Barker, P.R.; Ellis, S.M. 2003 Consolidation testing of Huka Falls Formation : properties related to subsidence at Ohaaki and Wairakei. p. 291-300 IN: Crawford, S.; Baunton, P.; Hargraves, S. Geotechnics on the volcanic edge, Tauranga, March 2003. Wellington: Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand. Proceedings of technical groups (Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand) 30(1 GM).

Read, S.A.L.; Richards, L.; Cook, G. 2003 Rock mass defect patterns and the Hoek-Brown failure criterion. p. 947-954 IN: Handley, M.; Stacey, D. (comps) International Society for Rock Mechanics, 10th Congress : technology roadmap for rock mechanics. Johannesburg: South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Symposium series / South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy S33.

Read, S.A.L.; Richards, L.R.; Perrin, N.D. 2000 Assessment of New Zealand greywacke rock masses with the Hoek-Brown failure criterion. 6 p. IN: GeoEng2000 : an International Conference on Geotechnical & Geological Engineering, 19-24 November 2000, Melbourne, Australia : conference proceedings. Melbourne, Australia: GeoEng2000

Read, S.A.L.; Richards, L.R.; Perrin, N.D. 1999 Applicability of the Hoek-Brown failure criterion to New Zealand greywacke rocks. p. 655-660 IN: Vouille, G. (ed.); Berest, P. (ed.) Congres international de mecanique des roches : comptes rendus = International Congress on Rock Mechanics : proceedings. Paris, France: International Society for Rock Mechanics

O'Reilly, M.; Read, S.A.L.; Foster, P.F. 1998 Monitoring dam performance using tiltmeters. 12 p. IN: 1998 Conference on Dams : the challenge : managing dams in a competitive business environment. [Sydney, NSW?]: [Australian National Committee on Large Dams?]

Read, S.A.L.; Mildenhall, M.; Roach, P. 1998 Geological impacts on Mangaweka Deviation, State Highway 1, North Island. Transactions of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand. Civil engineering section, 25(1/CE): 10-18

Read, S.A.L.; Cousins, W.J. 1994 The Ormond Earthquake of 10 August 1993 : an overview of ground damage effects and strong-motions. p. 166-175 IN: Conference technical papers : New Zealand National Society for Earthquake Engineering technical conference and AGM, Wairakei Hotel, Taupo, 18-20 March 1994. Waikanae: New Zealand National Society for Earthquake Engineering

Van Dissen, R.J.; Hull, A.G.; Read, S.A.L. 1994 Timing of some large Holocene earthquakes on the Ostler Fault, New Zealand. p. 381-386 IN: Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Recent Crustal Movements (CRCM '93), Kobe, December 6-11, 1993. Japan: Geodetic Society of Japan

Read, S.A.L.; Beetham, R.D.; Riley, P.B. 1992 Lake Waikaremoana barrier - a large landslide dam in New Zealand. p. 1481-1488 IN: Bell, D.H. (ed.) Landslides : proceedings of the sixth international symposium 10-14 February 1992 : Christchurch. Rotterdam: A.A. Balkema

Read, S.A.L.; Millar, P.J. 1991 Classification of New Zealand soft sedimentary rock materials. p. 1:327-331 IN: Proceedings of the 7th International Congress of International Society for Rock Mechanics, Aachen, September 1991. Aachen: International Society for Rock Mechanics

Hegan, B.D.; Read, S.A.L. 1988 A mechanism for slope failures observed in open pits, northern Waikato coal region, New Zealand. p. 381-386 IN: Fifth Australia-New Zealand Conference on Geomechanics : Prediction versus Performance : Sydney, 22-26 August 1988. Barton, ACT: Institution of Engineers

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