Ed Hutchinson


Full Name: Ed Hutchinson

Position: Electronics Design & Development Engineer

Contact details

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Phone: +64-4-570 4559


1985: BE, Electrical & Electronics; 1996: Certificate of Proficiency PHYS 409, Digital signal processing

Areas of expertise

Technical: Electronic Design/Construction
Technical: Electronics
Technical: Embedded system development
Technical: Radiation Instrumentation
Technical: Software and database development
Technical: Software development

Major publications

Wallace, G. ; Pohl, K.P.; Hutchinson, E.F.; Hemmingsen, I.D. 2001 The application of thin layer activation for on-line erosion monitoring. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 55(2): 281-284

Wallace, G.; Pohl, P.; Hutchinson, E.F. 1998 XClad. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences science report 98/10. 13 p.

Wallace, G.; Pohl, K.P.; Hutchinson, E.F.; Hemmingsen, I.D. 1997 A novel TLA application in industrial plant protection. p. 71-78 IN: Proceedings INC '97 : International Nuclear Conference : a new era in nuclear science and technology : the challenge of the 21st Century. [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]: [INC Organising Committee?]

Bartle, C.M.; Hutchinson, E.F.; Pohl, P.; West, J.G. 1995 Investigations of the operation and application of a prototype instrument for Gamgat measurements and the hardening of detectors for dual beam applications. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences client report CO 5410.

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