GNS Science NZ catalogue of fossil spores and

New Zealand fossil spores and pollen:
An illustrated catalogue

J.I. Raine, D.C. Mildenhall, E.M. Kennedy

Perotrilites otagoensis Raine 2008


Raine 2008, fig. 3D (holotype)

Raine 2008, fig. 3E (holotype)

Raine 2008, fig. 3F (holotype)

Raine 2008, fig. 3G (paratype)

Raine 2008, fig. 3H (paratype)

Vajda & Raine 2010, fig. 5J

IGNS taxon number: 790.

Turmal classification (after Burger 1994): Anteturma SPORITES; Turma TRILETES; Suprasubturma ACAVATITRILETES; Subturma CINGULATI; Infraturma APICULATI.


2008 Perotrilites otagoensis Raine, p. 110-111, figs. 3D-H.

2010 Perotriletes otagoensis; Vajda & Raine p. 364, fig. 5J.

Natural affinity: Lycopsida: Selaginellaceae?.

NZ age range: Cretaceous.

Brief description: Spore. Zonate. Trilete.

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