GNS Science NZ catalogue of fossil spores and

New Zealand fossil spores and pollen:
An illustrated catalogue

J.I. Raine, D.C. Mildenhall, E.M. Kennedy

Uvaesporites viriosus Zhang & Grant-Mackie 1997


Zhang & Grant-Mackie 2001, fig. 21F

Zhang & Grant-Mackie 2001, fig. 21G

Zhang & Grant-Mackie 2001, fig. 21H

Zhang & Grant-Mackie 2001, fig. 21K

IGNS taxon number: 163.

Turmal classification (after Burger 1994): Anteturma SPORITES; Turma TRILETES; Suprasubturma PERINOTRILETES; Subturma ZONOPEROTRILETES.


1997 Uvaesporites viriosus Zhang & Grant-Mackie pp. 18, 45, 62-63, pl. 4, figs 19-21.

2001 Uvaesporites viriosus Zhang & Grant-Mackie; Zhang & Grant-Mackie p. 643, figs 21F-21H, 21K.

Natural affinity: Lycopsida.

NZ age range: Triassic to Jurassic (boundary zones).

Brief description: Spore. Acavate, or cavate. Trilete.

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