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2001 ABLOS Conference:
Finding the Continetal Shelf - Examples from the New Zealand Region. 
By Wood R.
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This paper briefly reports on the survey program undertaken for the New Zealand project up to 2001, and shows examples of the acquired geophysical data. The paper outlines how these data may be used to determine the limits of the continetal shelf.

2002 New Zealand Petroleum Conference:
New Zealand Continental Shelf Project - a status report of the survey programme. 
By Wright et al. 
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This paper gives an overview of the New Zealand project up to 2002. The paper outlines the New Zealand approach to data acquiruisition and data interpretation.

Finding the Continental Shelf - integration of Geology and Gepophysics. 
By Wood, R. 
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This paper describes how the New Zealand Continental Shelf Project uses geological and geophysical evidence to define the limits of the continental shelf beyond the 200 M limit. The paper breifly discusses the significance of the UNCLOS for petroleum explorationn and resource assesment in New Zealand.

2003 ABLOS Conference:
Foot of the continental slope in Article 76. 
By Stagpoole et al. 
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Sediment continuity and straight bridging lines in Article 76.
 By Wood et al.
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These two papers deal with difficult issues related to the interpretation of UNCLOS Article 76. They outline the approach taken by the New Zealand Continental Shelf Project team to delimit the continental shelf in structurally complex areas.