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The NZ Paleoclimate Research website provides a gateway to the latest information and research on the climate history of the New Zealand region and surrounding areas including Australia, Southwest Pacific and Antarctica.

The website is an initiative by an informal collective of scientists from research institutions within and outside New Zealand (referred to here as the "NZ paleoclimate community"). Our intention is that the website will enhance access to and dissemination of knowledge of New Zealand's climate system and climate history. New Zealand's climate record provides a critical link for understanding Southern Hemisphere, and global, climate changes. A good understanding of past climatic conditions and the factors that control climate change will provide a robust scientific basis for anticipating or predicting future change, as well as practical steps to improve New Zealand, and global, economic and environmental resilience to climate change.

The website is jointly funded by the "Global Change through Time" (GCT) research programme of the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS) and INQUA Commission for Stratigraphy and Chronology, with additional financial sponsorship by the Royal Society of NZ International Geosphere Biosphere (IGBP) Committee.

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Past Climates Symposium and INTIMATE workshop, May 2009


Sponsored by the Royal Society of New Zealand and the International Geosphere Biosphere Programme (IGBP)