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Radiation License "Core of Knowledge" Training

Radiation License Holders (February 2015)

Dr Debra Chappell, Principal Licensee - Wairakei (ext. 9780)

Bruce Crothers, Licensee – Gracefield (ext. 8797)

Chris Purcell, Licensee - Gracefield (ext 8779)

GNS Science provides regular training courses for people planning to apply for radiation licenses. Courses are a day long, and usually held at GNS Sciences National Isotope Centre in Lower Hutt. However, courses are also held on request at locations around New Zealand for companies requiring in-house staff training.

The training covers the “Core of Knowledge” that the Government’s regulatory authority, the National Radiation Laboratory (NRL), stipulates licensing applicants must have in order to fulfil licence requirements.

 The training courses are specifically built around NRL’s Codes of Safe Practice , and are designed for people involved in the:

1. use of either nuclear density meters, or the use of radioactive material for industrial gauging (C15 or C19)
2. use of either x-ray security and inspection systems, or the use of x-ray analytical equipment (C16 or C17)
Those who pass the training courses are issued with certificates that can be used in support of applications to NRL for radiation licences.

Course is undertaken as a Service under GNS Science standard terms and conditions here  Terms-and-Conditions-2017.pdf (134.46 kB)  .