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Fleming Centre: Paleontology Collections and Laboratories

The Fleming Centre at GNS Science, Avalon, houses the National Paleontological Collection, additional fossil collections from overseas, the macropaleontology and sedimentology laboratory; and the micropaleontology laboratory.

The paleontology collections include the National Paleontology reference, type and bulk collections, a significant collection of world Mollusca, both fossil and modern, and the Micropaleontology Reference Centre, a representative collection of microfossil samples, residues and slides obtained from marine sediment cores that have been collected as part of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and predecessor programmes (DSDP and ODP).

The paleontology laboratories offer services in:

  • preparation, preservation and replication of macrofossils
  • processing of micropaleontology samples from sediments, sedimentary rocks, drill cores and cuttings
  • sediment and core description and analysis

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