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Specialist expertise to advance your project.

Whatever your needs and challenges, GNS Science will deliver the information you need to help you make the right decision.

Carbon capture and storage consulting
Assessment of storage potential, risks, and community views of geological CO2 storage sites.

Oil and gas

Petroleum Exploration Services
Petroleum systems research, regional studies, biostratigraphy, basin modelling, reservoir sedimentology and New Zealand fieldtrips.


Geothermal Energy
Expert advice for resource assessment, exploration, sustainable production, and environmental management for geothermal resources.


Groundwater Services
Resource assessment, sampling and analysis, dating and tracing groundwater, environmental studies, data management – mapping, modelling and databases.


Geology, Hazard and Resource Mapping
Mapping, modelling, and managing geological resources and potential natural hazards with Geographic Information Systems.


Marine Surveying & UNCLOS
Marine survey expertise in geology, geophysics and geochemistry. Planning, collection, processing and analysis of seismic, swath bathymetry, ocean chemistry, and other field data.


Mineral Exploration Services
Mineral exploration consultancy, as well as thin section preparation and laboratory analyses.


Paleontological Services
Biostratigraphy: dating rocks in petroleum exploration, forensic palynology projects and groundwater dating studies.


Investigating Cause and Consequence
Understanding the processes that create natural hazards, to determine their likely impacts and prepare for future events

Hazard Monitoring
Surveillance, testing, and hazard monitoring for local authorities, industry, and research organisations.

Risk & Society
Identifying possible natural hazard events, and quantifying the impact on people and infrastructure, as well as assessing the probability of risk.