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New Zealand Fossil Record File

Fossil Record Electronic Database (FRED) map with a selection of samples.

Access here. A computerised and paper file of fossil localities in the New Zealand region, including offshore islands, New Caledonia, Pacific Islands, Subantarctic Islands, Ross Sea region of Antarctica, sub-ocean floor (including petroleum drill-hole sites) and some special purpose localities.

This file is maintained jointly between GNS Science and the Geoscience Society of New Zealand.

The file includes locality coordinates, with collection details, stratigraphic position, and relevant sedimentary data; and fossil identifications with paleontological opinion on geological age and paleoenvironment.

New Zealand mainland data are organised according to NZMS260 map sheets (1:50 000), with each fossil locality given a unique number. Regionally distributed paper files, based on the geology departments of New Zealand universities and offices of the Institute, contain over 101,000 entries, with 56,000 Institute collections registered in the National File. Data on most of the GNS Science collections is held in a computer-based retrieval system.

Contact: Marianna Terezow