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Research Publications

Latest GNS Science staff papers.

GNS_papers_Oct-Dec_2018.pdf (261.77 kB)

GNS_papers_Jul-Sep_2018.pdf (296.34 kB)

GNS_papers_Apr-Jun_2018.pdf (230.66 kB)

GNS_papers_Jan-Mar_2018.pdf (258.50 kB)

GNS_papers_Oct-Dec_2017.pdf (290.05 kB)

GNS_papers_Jul-Sep_2017.pdf (239.46 kB)

GNS_papers_Apr-Jun_2017.pdf (287.96 kB)

GNS_papers_Jan-Mar_2017.pdf (158.21 kB)

Annual Lists

This list contains PDFs of all of the scientific published items written by GNS Science staff in the last few years. This includes papers in journals and conference proceedings, chapters in books, plus publications that have been produced within GNS Science.

GNS_staff_publications_2017.pdf (1.11 MB)

GNS_staff_publication_2016.pdf (936.08 kB)

GNS_staff_publications_2015.pdf (1.18 MB)

GNS_staff_publications_2014.pdf (1.01 MB)

GNS_staff_publications_2013.pdf (1.11 MB)

GNS_staff_publications_2012.pdf (790.04 kB)

GNS_Staff_Publications_2011.pdf (635.56 kB)

GNS_staff_publications_2010.pdf (392.84 kB)

GNS staff publications 2009.pdf (334.18 kB)

GNS staff publications 2008.pdf (399.85 kB)

For a link to references and abstracts of geoscience publications relevant to New Zealand, including all GNS Science staff scientific papers and books, and all GNS Science publications click here.

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