Regional Geology


Analysing and mapping New Zealand’s regional geology.

GNS Science has considerable experience in stratigraphy and structural geology of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks from Paleozoic to Quaternary, particularly in New Zealand and Antarctica. Our focus is on the acquisition and collation of information on the distribution, composition and origin of geological units of New Zealand and its territories.

We have over a century of experience in producing high quality geological maps at national, regional and local scales.

  • Data collection and their management are at the core of regional geology and including Geological maps, digital geological map datasets, rock sample information and implementation of standards. See our digital geological maps here
  • Antarctica Geological Mapping has brought together mapping for the Ross Dependency and is now focussed on the entire exposed area of the Antarctic continent.
  • Remote Sensing techniques applied to satellite and airborne imagery are widely used for understanding geological phenomena.
  • Geological Origins of New Zealand’s older rocks are explored and explained through high precision analytical techniques.
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