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Cenozoic Mollusca of New Zealand

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The landmark 518-page publication by Beu & Maxwell (1990, NZGS Paleontological Bulletin 58) is long out of print. It has been scanned to produce this PDF version.

Note, the download is large, 84 Mb.

Download here

Revised descriptions of New Zealand Cenozoic Mollusca from Beu & Maxwell (1990)
 This publication by Beu & Raine (2009, GNS Science Miscellaneous Publication 27) contains revised descriptions and names of all species treated in detail in Paleontological Bulletin 58, arranged in a hypertext format.

Download here [zip file, 17 Mb].

Or access online here.

 Both publications are also available on CD from GNS Publications, price NZ$40.

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