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Land and Marine Geoscience

Land and Marine Geosciences theme

The continent of Te Riu-A-Māui/Zealandia is globally important – in studying tectonics and natural hazards, but also in looking at how our climate has changed and how and where resources are located. Our research will have a holistic focus and will frame our science in environmental, cultural, health and economic outcomes. The heritage and history of Te-Riu-A-Māui/Zealandia is underpinned by the precious tāonga in our Nationally Significant Collections and Databases.

What we do:

  • Our understanding of Te Riu-a-Māui/Zealandia’s geohazards strengthens New Zealand’s resilience to natural hazards
  • Sustainable stewardship and management of New Zealand’s natural land and marine resources is enhanced
  • By understanding the consequences of past ocean and climate change on Te Riu-a-Māui/Zealandia, we will be better able to forecast future change and develop adaptation strategies
  • Our collections and databases are widely used to deliver new insights

Our stories and examples of our work

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Story 4

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Theme leader: Stuart Henrys

Stuart Henrys