Better understanding of past global change as a guide to future change

It is of great importance, both globally and within New Zealand, to understand the Southern Hemisphere environmental history that is recorded in rocks, fossils, and ice. In particular, key Southern Hemisphere data on past global climate-change events, including ancient “climate shocks” or “tipping points” (episodes of abrupt, extreme, or step-wise climate change) are important for global climate models. Some of these shocks are comparable in scale, rate and drivers to inferred post-industrial anthropogenic greenhouse warming.

Research in paleoclimate uses a wide range of capabilities, including paleontology, stratigraphy and geochemistry, including isotope biogeochemistry.

Current research:

Global Change Programmes
Marsden Fund Programmes
  • The Marsden Fund is a prestigious, contestable, investigator-driven research fund, administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand. A number of our scientists have been successful in obtaining these great research grants.