Our Team

The team combines people from across a number of GNS Science sites and departments.

Paleontology and Paleoenvironments

  • Chris Clowes - marine paynology (Paleogene dinocysts and palynofacies)
  • Chris Hollis - marine paleoclimate (radiolarians)
  • Erica Crouch - paleoclimate (Cenozoic marine and terrestrial palynology)
  • Giuseppe Cortese - marine paleoclimate (Quaternary radiolarians)
  • Ian Raine - terrestrial palynology (Cretaceous-Paleogene)
  • Joe Prebble - terrestrial palynology (Cretaceous-Cenozoic)
  • Liz Kennedy - terrestrial paleoclimate (Cretaceous-Cenozoic paleobotany)
  • Lucia Roncaglia - Head of Department, Paleontology
  • Marcus Vandergoes - terrestrial paleoclimate (Quaternary palynology)
  • Martin Crundwell - micropaleontology (Neogene foraminifera)
  • Nick Golledge - ice sheet modelling
  • Percy Strong (contractor) - micropaleontology (foraminifera)
  • Richard Levy - Programme Leader, Global Change Through Time and Past Antarctic Climate and Future Implications (ANDRILL)
  • Xun Li - terrestrial palynology (Recent and Quaternary)
  • Marianna Terezow – Paleontology Collections Manager, Macropaleontology technician
  • TBA – Micropaleontology technician
  • Sonja Bermudez – Micropaleontology/palynology technician
  • John Simes - Emeritus collection curator

PhD students

Carbon Dynamics

Ice Cores

Geomorphology and Geochronology

Agricultural Authentication and Forensics

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