Climate Change


Climate change and Earth systems research.

We are involved in climate and environmental research, with a focus on past changes preserved in sediment and ice records, and modern analogues, using strengths in stratigraphy, paleontology and isotope biogeoscience. Our research spans a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, focussing on the last 100 million years of Earth history and extending beyond mainland New Zealand to investigate the drivers and impacts of change in the subtropical to subantarctic Southwest Pacific, the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

Areas of research and consultancy

  • Causes and consequences of past climate change
  • Earth systems interactions, including those impacting natural ecosystems, biodiversity, water, energy, and land use.
  • Economic impacts of climate change


  • Better understanding of past global change as a guide to future change
  • The impacts of global plate tectonics on New Zealand’s environment and resources


  • Modelling earth systems at national and regional scales.

Laboratories and facilities

  • Our investigations are underpinned by world-class laboratories and facilities.

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