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Our stories

Improving energy efficiencies for industry

GNS Science believes New Zealand’s energy future needs innovative thinking — not just in alternative clean-tech generation, but in reducing overall demand for energy. Our materials science work is providing solutions for industry, finding efficiencies for a variety of sectors. 

Tapping directly into geothermal heat

GNS Science is a key player in a sector-wide initiative to increase the use of geothermal direct heat in New Zealand.

Support for Far North geothermal energy expansion

Geothermal energy will soon provide more than two thirds of the Far North’s peak winter power consumption thanks to GNS Science’s specialist expertise in planning geothermal energy developments.

Exploring geothermal as an energy option for the West Coast

A West Coast consortium has tapped into our expertise in geothermal energy to see if geothermal can be part of a wider energy strategy for the region.

Building a better picture of underground heat

GNS Science has perfected a geophysical technique that helps scientists and others gain a better understanding of deep geothermal resources and volcanic hazards in the Taupō Volcanic Zone.

Transparent window coatings to generate electricity

GNS Science is exploring cutting-edge technology to generate electricity from windows, which will significantly reduce carbon emissions and household energy bills.